I Recently Published My First Website

About 2 weeks ago I published my very first website. It was a lot of fun, I learned a bunch of new things, and I want to share my experience with you.
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New, Improved Posts with RANDOM Words!

Random Words in Posts to Come

I’m taking a page out of the book of a good friend of mine. Each time I write a new post, it will have a random word in it, generated by an online random word generator. It will be disguised as best as I can, so it won’t necessarily be easy to find. Leave a comment on the post with what you think the random word was, but no begging for the answer! By the way, this post contains a random word, too!

The Importance of Communication

It is often said that communication is key to making a marriage successful. Without communication, goals are not aligned, there are more misunderstandings, feelings are hurt, and the lack of harmony that results from a lack of communication can ruin the marriage. In software development, similar problems can arise if there is a lack of communication among team members, although they may not be quite so dire.

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Beginner’s Arrogance

As a budding software developer, I am afflicted by a condition I have dubbed “Beginner’s Arrogance.”  I sometimes look at other software applications and say, “I could make something that works better than this.”  Maybe there is a design flaw I think I can fix, or some functionality I believe I can make more efficient. Whatever the problem is with the program, I often tell myself I could do it better. And maybe that’s true occasionally. But usually, I forget two important things. Continue reading